Surviving the Super Bubble | What Are Your Thoughts?

Sign Up With Downtown Josh Brown and Michael Batnick for another round of What Are Your Ideas and see what they need to say about the most significant subjects in investing and financing, including:

► 00:00 – Introduction
► 07:07 – Grantham’s SuperBubble – If you require a crash enough time …
► 18:35 – Making it through A Correction – Don’t cap your upside at the bottom, amongst other things.
► 26:40 – SPAC Crime Wave – There’s been excessive money lost for people to simply ignore it.
► 34:40 – Retail Is Bored – “The quote from retail financiers totally vaporized.”
► 43:35 – Peloton Activist – The question is what, if anything, would a different CEO have done?
► 47:47 – Public vs Personal – Private markets are now awakening to public market truth.
► 53:10 – What Is Happening? – An audience asks the crew to discuss their theory on why this is all decreasing (pun meant).
► 57:22 – Swelling Amount – With a long sufficient time horizon, should you just put it all in today?

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