SHGlobal Launch December 1st, 2020 – Visa/MasterCard/BitCoin More!

SHGlobal Release December 1st, 2020 – Visa/MasterCard/BitCoin More!

Hey Team! According to the Software Application Engineer for Plexum, we ought to go live with Visa/ MasterCard Tomorrow, December 1st, 2020!

Here’s how it will work:

1) For Members with enough reserve to cover their next subscription, the reserve will be used.

2) All Members will need to enter and update their credit/ debit card details.

3) There will be a deadline of 1 week for the information to be upgraded.

4) The payment dates will instantly move 1 month ahead from the time of card update.

5) Commissions will automatically reveal up as members pay. (Ensure you have at least 2 active recommendations so you earn Matrix Commissions.).

Read For the LAUNCH!

Recalling over what we’ve achieved, it’s quite mind-blowing! And I believe it’s all since of our Mission to help 1 Million Households end up being Economically Totally free!


Let’s look at what we have actually accomplished in just a year and a half. I am extremely thankful for the team!

1) Added Cost savings Portal where members are conserving countless dollars on Automobile Insurance coverage, Shopping, Cars and more.

2) Broadened from 2×10 with an overall potential of $20K each month to a 3×12 with Possible of $47Million per year. That’s just 3 who refer 3 for 12 levels to end up being a possible Millionaire! WOW.

3) Added 100% Fast Start Power Codes to Infinity!

4) Included Yearly, Semi-Annual and Quarterly Payment choices that provide more upfront Fast Money, approximately $400 per sale and give faster access to the 5-Diamond Dream Trip.

5) Included Optional Subscription Payment techniques for BitCoin, Etherium and Cash App.

6) Included Commissions Payments by PayQuicker Visa Debit Card. We fill the commissions on your card!

7) Included Mass-Commission payments by BitCoin!

8) Included Telegram Notification system in 9 languages.

9) Added Fully Functional Professional Opt-In System and FREE Marketing from the company to your leads!

10) Re-Branded from My1DollarBusiness to SavingsHighway Global! An expert choice for global expansion!

11) SHGlobal Financial Month-to-month Publication! Important details to keep you on track financially.

12) Development of Management Ranks as much as Diamond!

WOW! We accomplished all of this in just 1 and a half years … thanks to you and our awesome team!

And that’s not all … So what’s coming next?

1) Integration of Visa/ Mastercard for brand-new signups and recurring memberships.

2) Addition of SavingsHighwayGlobal Shop for Customer Only Memberships, Weekend Trip Certificates, Approved Leads, and Fundraising!

3) New Fundraising Department to assist schools, churches and companies and our reps.

4) Up to 10% Matching Limitless Matrix Bonuses for all Qualified Agents – This supplies a limitless monthly residual capacity.

And Lastly …

5) The New SavingsHighwayGlobal Publication! This will turn into one of the most powerful sponsoring tools you could picture and will be offered in your new shop.

With all of this,.
our 14 year history,.
A+ Rating.
and the fact that we’ve currently assisted members save millions.
and we have actually paid millions in commissions … And the reality individuals can start for just $20 and turn into big savings and business … We are now predestined to become a Billion Dollar Business!


Thank you for your Dedication to the Vision of helping 1 Million Families Worldwide.
Get prepared to enter into Huge Marketing Mode this week. True blessings and Success!

Steve Gresham, CEO.

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