Quantum & Fiction: Alternative Realities for the Living by Ben Okri

00:00 Introduction
03:40– Alternative Truths hold true– Part 1
18:34– Part 2
26:41– Part 3
31:45– Part 4
40:47– Part 5
43:33– Part 6
49:33– Q&A
The acclaimed Nigerian Poet and Author Ben Okri, one of the foremost postmodern authors, is the 11th speaker in the Yale Quantum Institute series of nontechnical talks intending to bring a brand-new regard to quantum
Ben speaks about his newest book “Prayer For The Living”, which consists of the Quantum Physics Murder Mystery “Alternative Realities hold true”. After reading his narrative, Ben shares how quantum physics came muddy the water of this British authorities examination, and answer the audience’s questions about his comprehensive body of work
This event was co-sponsored by The Franke Program in Science and the Humanities
For more info on whatever quantum at Yale, see quantuminstitute.yale.edu.

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