OBERLIN STAGE LEFT: Early Music Day with Oberlin Baroque Orchestra

Oberlin Phase Left presents the Oberlin Baroque Orchestra led by Professors Rebecca Landell Reed and Mark Edwards in an Early Music Day concert. Prior to the efficiency, Reed and Edwards chat about historic efficiency practices with 2 members of the ensemble – Joshua Rhodes and Maya Ridenour.

Oberlin Baroque Orchestra
Mark Edwards, conductor, co-director
Rebecca Landell Reed, co-director
Date of broadcast: March 21, 2021

Performance Donné a Louis XIII (1627) by Anonymous, Philidor l’âiné MS (c.1652-1730).
– Les Ombres.
-2 e air pour les mesmes.
– Les Suisse– Air pour les violons.
– Les Suissesse.
– Les Gascons.
– M. de Liancourt.
– Les Vallets de la Faiste.
– Les Nymphes de la Grenouillère.
– Les Bergers.
– Les Ameriquains.

Annemarie Schubert, violin I.
Andres Carrero, violin I.
Adam Murphy, violin II.
Yeajin Park, violin II.
Brian Shoop, viola.
Maureen Sheehan, viola.
Luka Stefanović, viola da gamba.
Rebecca Landell Reed *, viola da gamba.
Zuguang Xiao, harpsichord.
Mark Edwards *, harpsichord.

Concerto for 2 Cellos in G Minor, RV 531 (1720) by Antonio Vivaldi (1628-1741).
I. Allegro.
II. Largo.
III. Allegro.

Luka Stefanović, Rebecca Landell Reed *, cello soloists.
Adam Murphy, violin I.
Yeajin Park, violin I.
Andres Carrero, violin II.
Brian Shoop, viola.
Maureen Sheehan, viola.
Maya Ridenour, cello.
Joshua Rhodes, bass.
Mark Edwards *, harpsichord.

Concerto Grosso in F Major, Op. 6, No. 2 (1714) by Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713).
I. Vivace– Allegro– Adagio.
II. Allegro.
III. Tomb– Largo andante.
IV. Allegro.

Annemarie Schubert, Adam Murphy, Luka Stefanović, concertino.
Andres Carrero, violin I.
Yeajin Park, violin II.
Brian Shoop, viola.
Maureen Sheehan, viola.
Maya Ridenour, cello.
Rebecca Landell Reed *, cello.
Joshua Rhodes, violone.
Tigran Buniatyan, harpsichord.
Mark Edwards *, harpsichord.

* Conservatory faculty.

Leah Brockman, director of ensemble operations.
Marjorie Gold, production manager & technical director.
Scott Heinz, assistant ensemble supervisor.
Ruby Brallier, ensemble librarian.
Andrew Tripp, assistant director of audio services.
Joey Rizzolo, videographry/editing.

Oberlin Stage Left occasions are produced and directed by Thea Boyd and Danielle Hinrich.

Oberlin Phase Left: https://www.oberlin.edu/conservatory/stage-left.
Oberlin Backstage Pass: https://www.oberlin.edu/conservatory/stage-left/backstage-pass.


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