New York City Shutdown Likely After Christmas, De Blasio Says

New Yorkers can anticipate a shutdown of all but essential services quickly after Christmas, Mayor Costs de Blasio stated.

If the city’s businesses close “right after Christmas, with best of luck and tough work we might be out of that in a matter of weeks,” the mayor stated.

Although New York Guv Andrew Cuomo will make the decisions, closures will resemble what the city experienced last spring, with the exception that schools will remain open, de Blasio stated.

It will take weeks to reduce the number of individuals hospitalized– at 2.89 per 100,000 in the population as of Dec. 13– to the city’s recognized safety level of 2 per 100,000. The percentage of people testing positive for the virus stood at 5.51%, also above the city’s limit, which is 5%. Individuals admitted to health centers on Dec. 13 for Covid-19 symptoms stood at 160– listed below the threshold of 200.

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