The majority of the parents support mom tongue as a medium of guideline for their children. The report of the Bhaskar Nayak committee set up by the state federal government specified that most the talukas where the committee visited and convened favored native tongue as a medium of direction. Nevertheless, the committee likewise specified that some parents prefer English as a medium of instructions. They are willing to pay charges even grants stopped by the state federal government to English medium schools.

Then Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar has actually set up a committee to study the medium of instruction in main school. Under the chairmanship of Bhaskar Nayak a 13 member committee had submitted a report to the state federal government. Based on committee observations most talukas were in favor of mother tongue as medium of direction. There were lots of who were against the grants given to some of English medium schools victimizing others.

There were still others who were emphatic that primary education must be English and mentioned various advantages of English in the future profession of students. They favored English as a medium of guideline. They were even prepared to pay charges, if grants were come by the federal government. These included even moms and dads of the children who could not speak English.

The committee observed that views expressed on MoI were religion-neutral. Committee concluded that there were stakeholders who challenged the grants and others who supported the government decision to provide grants.

The stakeholders were more concerned with the quality and access of main education in vernacular languages instead of the issue of grants.

While engaging with parents who send their children to English medium schools, the committee observed that they are sending children to English medium schools not out of choice but out of obsession. According to parents, the quality of main education in federal government primary schools is bad, inexperienced teachers teaching English subjects, bad quality of facilities, single instructors marinading four classes and other problems.

Committee has suggested the government to enhance the quality of education at primary level, training teachers, providing great quality of education, Teacher Service commission to hire teachers and others.

Committee also proposed the federal government to prescribe syllabus for pre-primary organizations for quality of education.

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