Is YouTube Censorship Real? Asmongold Reads EVERY Comment

Asmongold faces every comment on his video about YouTube “limiting streams that are too popular”, and discusses what YouTube’s New “Censorship” may indicate for the platform.

Is this fake or real? And if the brand-new censorship is certainly dealing with YouTube, will the narrative now be controlled by companies like Blizzard? Will Blizzard abuse the system and remove Asmongold’s World of Warcraft videos that shed light on WoW’s dreadful store install practices and numerous Blizzard scandals? Maybe, they will shut down Asmongold’s Last Dream 14 (FFXIV) videos too, to as soon as and for all end the FFXIV vs WoW war in favor of their own MMO? Well … now that this video has enough keywords, it’s time to actually watch it and hear Asmongold reads and respond to the discuss the YouTube Censorship video.

2:48 Facing Every Comment
1:04:42 So …

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