Ep 66 – Rohit Gets Help! – Alpviram – Full Episode

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Episode 66:
Rohit and his sister in law are havu= ing a discussion. She concerns him in order to clean up his cupboard. He then asks her to stop helping him to get this done. But she insists on doing it and assisting her sibling in law.

About Alpviram:
Alpviram is a story of how fate completely changes the life of a young woman. On her twenty-first birthday, without any prior indications of illness, she falls into a coma. Her fiancé takes excellent care of her but her health does not enhance. The woman copes with her old grandparents who are now economically in difficulty since they survive on a pension and their grand child’s medical treatment is really pricey. The condition of the household is already awful but it takes a complete failure when the woman is found pregnant. In her state of coma, the lady has actually been raped. Everyone is now a suspect- the physicians, the medical facility personnel, and her fiancé. How does the old couple deal with the bitter truth and continue life without their granddaughter? For how long should her fiancé prove his innocence and wait on her to recuperate? Will she ever recover? Does she even understand who her rapist is?

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