DH Sparks | Are bite-sized insurance products the way forward?

Bite-sized or sachet insurance coverage products are picking up speed in India nowadays. They are creating a reasonable amount of interest amongst financiers and customers alike. Worldwide, the Indian insurance coverage market is ranked 17th in regards to penetration.

Insurance coverage penetration in the nation reached 3.69% in 2017 (from 2.71% in 2001) but it is still lower than the international average of 6%.

Will these smaller sized items lead the way for higher insurance penetration across geographies in India? Is this the very best method forward? Our experts dispute this and more in today’s edition DH Sparks.

Our panellists:

Sameer Bansal, Chief Circulation Officer, PNB MetLife

Gokuldas Pai, Chief Organization Officer, Karnataka Bank

Anuradha Ghorpade, Financial Consultant, PNB MetLife, Karnataka

The session will be moderated by Mrin Agarwal, Creator, Finsafe India Private Limited


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