Costume design for digital performance: Panel discussion

This year, performance disciplines had to be significantly re-thought, as the pandemic closed not only efficiency arts locations however also workshops and studios where work is developed. In reaction, the MA Costume Design for Efficiency course at London College of Style prototyped an ingenious method by combining physical and virtual production to produce designs that spanned the 2 worlds.

In this conversation, we’ll be signed up with by the choreographer Alexander Whitley, known for experimental productions and groundbreaking usage of innovation, speculative digital cumulative Uncharted Limbo, who dealt with translating the physical costumes and efficiencies into digital abstractions, Agnes Treplin, course leader for MA Costume Design for Efficiency and Shuyi Zheng, costume designer and digital image-maker behind the sensational outfit movie Born For. Join us as we explore brand-new possibilities managed by virtual production techniques and picture the future of costume design for efficiency.

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