Bringing the real world into the teen classroom By Liz Wootton

Those people that teach teenagers are always trying to find what makes them tick and what will engage them in their language learning. Genuine products are one way to make that connection into their world in addition to motivating them to be curious about others.Whether it’s the most liked YouTube clip, the current teenager movie trend or a must-read literary classic, all of these can bring their language learning alive.

By revealing lesson concepts, methods, tools and conversation points this session will take a look at how genuine products can develop a real factor for teenagers to share their viewpoints or experiences. There is an unrestricted supply of product at their fingertips, and as instructors we can give them the tools to digest and react to what is out there and we can assist them connect to something that is in fact occurring, with language that is not simply on page 35 of their coursebook.

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