2021-02-07 Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany – Presentation of the Lord (observed)

Link to our order of service: http://bit.ly/AP2021-02-07Bulletin
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Première leçon: Hébreux 2: 14-18
Lu par M. Nathaniel Watson, choristre

Second lesson: Luke 2: 22-40
Check Out by Ms Edythe Arnott

Preaching: The Rev. Dr. Glenn Chestnutt
” Generational Encounters”

Staff of the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul
The Rev. Dr. Glenn Chestnutt, Minister
The Rev. Ian Fraser, Interim Associate
Dr. Jonathan Oldengarm, Organist and Director of Music
Dr. Jean Sébastien Vallée, Conductor and Director of the A&P Choir
Ms. Sharon Dworzak, Church School Planner
Mr. Stratsimir Dimitrov, Montage & Video Producer
Mr. Peter Sabourin, Church Officer
Ms. Sandra Steadman, Office Manager
Ms. Susan Knell, Secretary
The Rev. J.S.S. Armour, Minister Emeritus
Dr. Wayne Riddell, CM, Director of Music Emeritus
Mr. Michael Cristofaro, Clerk of Session
Mr. Charles Lavergne, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Mr. Adam Wills Begley, Assistant Conductor
Mr. William Duffy, Ensemble Manager
Mr. Matthew Johnson, Organ Scholar
Ms Stephanie Manias, Head Chorister
Ms Alexandra Asher, Church School Choir Director
Mr. Jason Aumond, Assistant Custodian

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/standrewstpaul

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