10 Years PYQ L-1 | JEE Main 2020 September 2 Shift-2 | JEE Main 2021 | Anuj Lathi | Unacademy

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Aspire IIT-JEE with PYQ Series on Unacademy Accelerate. In this video, Anuj Lathi Sir is going to conduct an all new session on 10 Years PYQ L-1 of JEE Main 2020 September 2 Shift-2. Attend this Live and stay ahead with your JEE 2021 preparations with Unacademy Accelerate. #LetsCrackIt

Anuj Lathi is a Star Educator in Unacademy. Presently pursuing B.Tech from IIIT Nagpur. He has actually split JEE Main, BITSAT, NDA NA (Written), etc. Unacademy Educator considering that Jan 2018.

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